In the process of moving through childhood towards adult autonomy it is perfectly normal for adolescents to want to withdraw and explore their own issues. Being private is an essential part of finding themselves. But there is a fine line between privacy and isolation and young people can feel that nobody understands them and those who care about them can feel shut out. Misunderstandings can escalate and communication can become difficult sometimes or break down. Adults too are often stressed and overburdened by the frenetic pace of life and, much as they want to support their young people, there is often not enough time to help as they would like.

Learning Mindfulness together is a way of making space, of bonding and having fun. Workshops are a way to encourage empathy, openness and enhanced communication and of sharing a way of experiencing the world which is curious, calm and kind. It enables people to step back and observe their own responses so that they can make more informed choices. They can help parents and teens improve their communication and be a great way of relaxing together too.

Workshops are run with structured, short and fun exercises to help you gain an understanding of mindfulness practices and insights which are easy to integrate into your everyday lives. Contact me to learn about the availability of mindfulness workshops for parents and teenagers in Richmond upon Thames.