Relationships are one of the most complex areas of every human life. Family, work, the relationship with oneself…all these can lie at the root of many problems or be the bedrock of support. Every relationship has periods of difficulty and stress but when those periods appear to be consistently problematic or change seems impossible then perhaps it is time to get a fresh eye from a professional, caring perspective. Just talking to someone who isn’t involved in the relationship can help you.

Working either individually or with others we look at what can change and how to change attitudes, communication and misconceptions.

My aim is to listen, allow time to explore what has happened in a relationship, whether at work, with friends or family or with partners, and consider ways in which communication can be opened up.

Even if things don’t change, counselling may help you to see things in a different way or make the decision that’s right for you to move forward.

Some areas that effect relationships:

Abuse, avoidance, codependency, deceit, trust issues, addictions, affairs, communication problems, cultural issues, marriage or family issues, work-life balance, stress.

If any of these areas are affecting your relationships, contact me now to discuss how I can help.