Feeling stressed is a perfectly normal reaction when we feel overloaded by demands on us. We can feel under tremendous pressure and panicked, emotional and tense. Work, study, relationships…all place demands on us which sometimes feel overwhelming. Common causes of stress at work include; workloads, long hours, responsibilities, bullying or harassment, the organisational structure, job security, lack of support. Many physical symptoms have an underlying stress-related cause. Stress is a common reason for poor performance or for taking time off school or work

Stress can manifest itself as many different symptoms, physical psychological and behavioural.

Some of these are:

  • Neglect of physical appearance
  • Lack of communication/Unwillingness to ask for help
  • Putting off difficult jobs and giving excuses
  • Lack of concentration/Clumsiness
  • Raised heart beat, Palpitations
  • Breathing difficulty/Hyperventilation/Dizziness/ Choking
  • Headaches, Aching muscles, Muscle tension/Shaking
  • Sweating/Dry Mouth
  • Inability to sleep
  • Feeling sick/Wanting to use the toilet more often

Identifying what makes you feel stressed is the first step in helping to manage the stress that you experience. There are many suggested methods of dealing with stress, including exploring relaxation and breathing exercises.

Working with you to identify causes of stress and choose a suitable strategy for dealing with them is my priority and a range of therapeutic treatments are available, including CBT and guidance in Mindfulness practice if appropriate.